Notice Regarding International Shipping Rates

Please note: in 2016, the USPS introduced a flattened rate structure for First Class International, which is how almost all small packages are sent from the US to other countries. Packages up to 8 ounces all cost the same; other rate breaks are at 2 pounds, 3 pounds, and 4 pounds.

We have an option in the shop to reduce international shipping costs on CDs by removing the jewel cases, but this will only impact you when ordering 3+ CDs. 2 CDs even with the cases costs the same as just 1 CD. To get the most value for your shipping dollar, it is recommended to either buy two CDs or tapes WITH cases, or up to 6 CDs WITHOUT cases. USPS rates allow us to ship 6 CDs without cases for the same price as one CD, because the package is still under 8 ounces total weight.
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