NEWS – JULY 11, 2014

Welcome to the new Unspeakable Axe Records site.  Most things are still in the same place, but if you spot any problems let us know.  Part of the new site includes a ZenCart-based web store, which was needed to accomodate our expanding catalog and preserve my sanity.  You should find it a lot more user-friendly, and shipping costs are more accurate and should be a little lower for most orders as well.  On that front, there’s also an option now on all CDs in the store: check a box to remove the jewel case, and if you’re overseas this could save you a couple dollars or more on shipping.

You don’t have to create an account to use the new store, though you can if you want to track your order status.  If you choose to order as a guest, all you need is PayPal and you’ll be on your way.

One other piece of recent news is that we’ve signed Chilean thrash maniacs Ripper for the release of their upcoming 2nd album, which they aim to start recording this year.  Go visit them on Facebook.


NEWS – JUNE 27, 2014

CDs by Shards of Humanity and Algebra have been put up for order! Proceed to the store to get them. Both CDs are en route to me and should be shipping by July 7 or earlier. They’ve also been added to our official Bandcamp page where you can stream a few tracks, or pre-order the CD, digital download, or both. The digital downloads will be made available the same day the CD starts shipping.

In the coming weeks this site will be replaced by a new one with a ZenCart-powered web store, hopefully fixing some of the issues we’ve had with my chosen host and design.  I know that as of this moment, I still can’t see my entire web store page on my own phone, which is ridiculous.  Look for that transition to occur by mid-July.  You can still safely order from this page for as long as it’s up, however.


NEWS – APRIL 28, 2014

Our first official UAR label t-shirt is available to order now. Proceed to the web store to grab one. These are high-quality water-based (soft, not plastic-feeling) inks on thick white Gildan Ultra shirts. The front features a drawing by yours truly, and the back is our label logo.


NEWS – APRIL 3, 2014

Store updates: The debut CD from Sabbatory and the sophomore CD from Zoldier Noiz are in stock and shipping now. Go to the store to order! Both albums have two sample tracks you can check out. Sabbatory plays gloomy old school death metal with ugly vocals and thrash beats galore; Zoldier Noiz deals out raw speed metal mixed with crust punk and even a little death metal. Neither are for the faint of heart.

We’ve also reduced the price on our first release, Birth A.D.’s “I Blame You” CD, to $8.  Grab a copy if you don’t have one.

In upcoming release news, Shards of Humanity’s debut album is mixed, mastered and done, and the cover art has been unveiled – check the Releases page to see it.  Algebra and Insanity are still working on their forthcoming albums.  And recent signees Overcharge (Italian punk/speed metal) have their debut locked in, so expect to see that this summer.