NEWS – AUGUST 30, 2016

The debut EP from Voidspawn and the 4-way split between Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, Outer Heaven and Scorched are shipping now. Voidspawn plays a dark, dissonant style of death metal that should please anyone who enjoys Gorguts, Ulcerate or Ellorsith. Meanwhile, the four bands on the split all bring their own style to classic death metal – just ugly, downtuned madness all around. Both are on CD and can be found in the shop. They are streaming in full on our Bandcamp page, too.

Remaining releases for 2016 will include a second EP from Obscure Evil, a CD reissue of Cemetery Filth’s out-of-print first EP (with plenty of bonus material), and the first full-length from Scorched, titled “Echoes of Dismemberment.” All should go to press in the next couple of months to arrive before the year ends.


NEWS – MAY 24, 2016

You can now pre-order the CD and tape versions of Sewercide’s debut album, “Immortalized in Suffering.” Built on years of battle-hardened evolution into their current death metal sound, and influenced by early Morbid Angel, Gorguts and Immolation, this is one of the most devastating extreme metal albums of the year. Get your copy here. Full-color t-shirts will be added to the shop in the coming weeks as well. This release will start shipping in early to mid-June, just in time for Sewercide’s massive summer tour of the US.

Also, new CD and tape releases from Obscure Evil, Samot and TrenchRot are in stock and shipping now. We are also proud to announce that later this year, a second EP from Obscure Evil will get a CD release from us. More news on that in the months ahead.


NEWS – APRIL 25, 2016

Pre-orders have been added to the shop and our Bandcamp page for upcoming releases from Obscure Evil, Samot and TrenchRot. Go to the shop here to get one of these releases, all shipping in late May. You can also hear the first preview tracks from Obscure Evil and Samot, both South American acts playing their own unique variations of black/thrash metal. Those are the two newest uploads to our YouTube channel.

Coming up next will be full-length releases from Aussie death/thrashers Sewercide, and the death metal band Scorched who are quickly becoming an Unspeakable Axe staple.


NEWS – MARCH 7, 2016

New pre-orders are up for Nucleus “Sentient,” Hemotoxin “Biological Enslavement,” and the Putrisect / Scorched split, “Final State of Existence.” We’ve also got new Cemetery Filth shirts and gorgeous Nucleus tees with Dan Seagrave’s art printed on a dark green Gildan shirt. Go grab something.

We also have a new signing – Obscure Evil play raging thrash/black metal, of a type that could only come from South America (in this case Peru). Their first EP will get a CD release this summer.


NEWS – JANUARY 15, 2016

You can now pre-order Ripper’s “Experiment of Existence” on CD, LP (black or clear/splatter vinyl), and cassette. Full color, laser-printed t-shirts are available as well. All of these and any orders including them should ship on or around February 15th.

Also shipping in mid-February are the vinyl versions of the debut albums by Unrest and Encyrcle. Go to the web shop here.



Pre-orders have been added for our next two releases, “4 DOORS TO DEATH” (full length split with tracks by Cemetery Filth, Ectovoid, Sabbatory and TrenchRot) and Manic Scum “ACIDIC REMAINS” EP.

Also, a “Buy 2 Get 1” sale starts today and will run through Christmas day, December 25th. For that time period only, buy any three CDs in the shop and the least expensive of those is free. Sale applies to any CD titles $8 and up. You will see the discount applied automatically during the checkout process. Go to the web shop here.


NEWS – OCTOBER 13, 2015

We are having a Halloween sale from now through the end of October. Everything except our three newest titles is marked 20% off. Additionally, a few older releases have been permanently reduced in price to $8.00, including albums by Sabbatory, Omnivore, Overcharge, and Zoldier Noiz. Combined with the current sale, all of these are under $7 for the next few weeks. Head over to the shop and grab something.


NEWS – OCTOBER 5, 2015

Available to pre-order now: the debut EP “As Time Sharpens The Sentence” by French black/thrashers Mortal Scepter, and the long-awaited second album “Visions of Apocalypse” by Bay Area legends Insanity. Click the links to go straight to the shop. You can also hear the first streaming tracks here via our YouTube channel – here is “Sacrefixion” by Insanity, and “Violent Revenge” by Mortal Scepter.

We also have available a new shirt from Scorched – perfect for Halloween, as it features a gory homage to the hideous Cropsy from the cult classic movie “The Burning.” And some custom-made Black Tower turntable slipmats, featuring the same fantasy art that was made for their t-shirts.

Last but not least, the split CD by Russia’s Cist and Floridian death/thrashers Solstice is shipping now. Just one song each and priced accordingly. Get it here, or check out the preview video here.


NEWS – JULY 31, 2015

I’ll be out of town this week until Saturday the 8th. Orders placed in my absence will ship the following Monday.

Going to press soon: the new Insanity album “Visions of Apocalypse,” and the first EP from French black/thrashers Mortal Scepter.


NEWS – JULY 7, 2015

NOW SHIPPING: The new two-song 7″ from Besieged and the CD EP “Edge of the Knife” from Sadistic Ritual are in stock and shipping now. Get your death/thrash fix.

NEW SIGNINGS: Mortal Scepter from France play black/thrash in the vein of Kreator and Bathory, while Manic Scum from Kingsport, Tennessee are indebted to old Suffocation and Barnes-era Cannibal Corpse albums. Both of them have new EPs ready to go and we will release them on CD this year.

COMING SOON: Insanity’s long-awaited follow-up to “Death After Death,” entitled “Visions of Apocalypse,” is finally near completion and goes to press on both CD and LP this summer. We’ll have preview tracks and more in the weeks ahead.


NEWS – JUNE 19, 2015

SUMMER SALE: Now through mid-to-late July, we are having a sale with new discounted items each week. Things started Monday with Thrash Week – most thrash and thrash-related releases and merch in the shop are discounted 15-33%. Go get something! Death Week starts next Monday; check back each Monday thereafter for the next few to see what’s on sale.

AT PRESS NOW: Besieged 7″ EPs are finally shipping from the plant soon and are expected to be in stock in July. Also, the new Sadistic Ritual CD EP was just sent to press and is expected in mid-July.

NEW IN THE SHOP: Encyrcle CDs, Black Tower CDs & shirts, and Scorched tapes & shirts are all in stock and shipping now. Fenriz recently declared Encycle his Band of the Week too, so you know you need it.


NEWS – MAY 1, 2015

Three new releases are available for pre-order in the shop. Black Tower’s debut CD “The Secret Fire” is in a handsome jewel case + outer slip case (o-card) presentation, and you can get a package with a t-shirt featuring original artwork not on the CD, too. Encyrcle’s self-titled debut is also out on CD, and the first 50 orders will include a die-cut logo sticker. Finally, Scorched’s first demo is on cassette as befits this kind of crushing, dark old school death metal, and that release is limited to 200 copies. All three releases and the Black Tower shirt packages can be ordered now and ship on or after May 18th.


NEWS – APRIL 16, 2015

New upcoming releases to announce:

Sadistic Ritual are from Atlanta (my neck of the woods, and where I live, it’s a literal woods) and play basic, balls-out death/thrash. It’s promising Southern metal for fans of Slayer, Kreator, Sepultura and the like. Following a small string of demos and EPs, their new EP “Edge of the Knife” promises to be their best and heaviest material yet. We will release it on CD this year.

Scorched hail from Delaware and make old school death metal with a somewhat thrashy edge that reminds me of old Unleashed among others. We’ll release their debut self-titled demo on cassette.

– Last but definitely not least, something that’s been in the works a long time is a compilation of old material (the only kind that exists) by Canada’s answer to Morbid Saint and Sadus. And if you’ve never heard Deranged, they absolutely live up to that level of insane energy and riff dementia. The comp will be on CD and is coming as soon as they can put the remastered material together.