NEWS – MARCH 31, 2015

We’ve released the first preview tracks from upcoming albums by BLACK TOWER and ENCYRCLE. Click here to listen to the punkish trad metal of “Death March” by Black Tower, or click here to bask in the ferocious speed metal of “Bloodbasker” by Encyrcle. Both releases will be everywhere June 2, and up for preorder here in May.

The Besieged self-titled, 2-song EP is also at press (still) and we’re hoping to see our copies in April. In the meantime, we’ve got full-color shirts of the EP art in the shop; they’re laser-printed beauties, and just $16. Go grab one.


NEWS – FEBRUARY 20, 2015

In honor of the label’s 2nd anniversary today, all our releases and apparel are marked down 20% this weekend (excluding the new one by Unrest, sorry). Relieve me of some stuff, it’ll help me release a lot more different but equally cool stuff.

Click here to visit the shop!


NEWS – JANUARY 14, 2015

The first preview track from Unrest’s “Grindcore” has just been uploaded. Click to check out “Anything to Shock.”

Unrest features guys who have played in TrenchRot, Woe, Crypt Sermon and Infiltrator. In other words, dudes who know what they’re doing, seemingly regardless of style or sub-genre. The CD is officially out March 24th but we’ll be pre-selling them in mid or late February.

Other tidbits:
- The shop was just upgraded to ZenCart 1.54. It seems to be fully functional in my tests but if you run into a problem, drop me a line.
- The Besieged EP is at press and we’re expecting the test press back soon, so it won’t be too much longer. Expect two songs of demented death/thrash even more extreme than “Victims Beyond All Help.”


NEWS – NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Please note: I will be out of town all next week. Actually I’ll be in Colorado, and as part of that trip will be visiting the Dark Descent Records HQ for the first time. Any orders placed in my absence will be shipped immediately upon my return, the week following Thanksgiving.


NEWS – NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Black Tower hail from Ottawa, but it might as well be Middle Earth. Or at least a Middle Earth as filtered through heavy metal. Tolkien would probably not approve, but generations raised on his books – as well as Iron Maiden and assorted black metal records – will nod their long-haired heads in appreciation.

In short, Black Tower is metal that wears its nerd credentials proudly on its sleeve. You don’t sing “Under the Lonely Mountain!” loud and proud in your opening song, or marry the sensibilities of Slough Feg to early Dissection and an almost Bad Religion-ish punk catchiness, without knowing exactly what you are. A lot goes into the mix, but as with any good recipe, what comes out has a flavor all its own.

They have only a self-titled demo under their belts so far, but members of the band have played in other outfits (most notably punk groups Crusades, The Creeps, and The Visitors). Now their debut “The Secret Fire” is nearing completion, and will be released by Unspeakable Axe in the first half of 2015. Having heard only the rough mix of the album, I can say this is easily the most melodic and outrageously catchy thing we have done to date. But it took me all of two songs to fall under its spell, and I hope that holds true for you guys when you eventually get to hear it. Just consider this the beginning of a journey – you’re Bilbo, the band and I are Gandalf and a bunch of unruly dwarves, and you’re being beckoned down a strange new road. And if that metaphor was a little too nerdy for you, best to bow out now. Otherwise, good times lie ahead.

Visit Black Tower on Facebook.


NEWS – OCTOBER 27, 2014

Infiltrator tapes are back from press! Get this EP of sick speed metal out of Philadelphia (and featuring a member of TrenchRot) for just $5. Our October sale is still going on too, so every CD is marked down to $6.66 through Friday.


NEWS – OCTOBER 13, 2014

October is my favorite month. The temperatures drop without getting outright uncomfortable, the ground is blanketed in crisp leaves, and oh yeah… Halloween. From today through the end of the month, CDs are on sale in the web shop. Get any CD for a seasonally-appropriate $6.66. Might even throw in a mini-Snickers if you order enough stuff.

In other store news, Cemetery Filth tapes are in stock and our next tape by Philly black/speed metal band Infiltrator is due back from press soon. We’ve also got new TrenchRot shirts in stock – an original piece of art by a member of the band on white-and-black baseball jerseys. Head to the store and grab something.



Announcement: in the first quarter of 2015 we will release Four Doors To Death, a four-way split full length of death metal done right (i.e. ugly and old school). This project was dreamed up by Matt from Cemetery Filth and myself as a throwback to the early 90s splits, and after weeks of work the lineup has been nailed down at last. The album will consist of all-new EP-length contributions from Cemetery Filth, TrenchRot, Sabbatory and Ectovoid. For the time being only a CD version is planned.

The aim is for the bands to all be done recording by around the end of January, and it will go to press afterward. Stay tuned!


NEWS – AUGUST 24, 2014

Overcharge’s debut CD of d-beat/speed metal “Accelerate” is shipping now! Go get some. You can hear the title track here. At press and coming back soon will be the tape EP “Screams From The Catacombs” by Cemetery Filth – gloomy, depraved death metal out of the mountains of eastern Tennessee. Expect that in late September.

Also, in an effort to streamline the site further, the Listen page has gone away. It’s been replaced with embedded Bandcamp mini-players on the Releases page, one per album. There are also links to all our external crapola (Bandcamp, YouTube, etc.) on the Contact page. It’s hard to both keep things simple and promote the label adequately, but I’m trying.


NEWS – AUGUST 7, 2014

Preorders are up for Overcharge’s debut CD “Accelerate.” Go snag a copy of this adrenaline-fueled d-beat/speed metal beast. You can hear the first preview track here, and we should have another streaming next week.

We’ve added some new merch to the shop, too – official label logo stickers and beer koozies. Check ‘em out, they’re cheap and awesome. We’re still running our summer sale as well – new items on sale each week for 33-50% off. This week through Sunday you can get Besieged “Victims Beyond All Help” for $5/CD or $10/LP, as well as Sabbatory “Endless Asphyxiating Gloom” on CD for $5.


NEWS – JULY 11, 2014

Welcome to the new Unspeakable Axe Records site.  Most things are still in the same place, but if you spot any problems let us know.  Part of the new site includes a ZenCart-based web store, which was needed to accomodate our expanding catalog and preserve my sanity.  You should find it a lot more user-friendly, and shipping costs are more accurate and should be a little lower for most orders as well.  On that front, there’s also an option now on all CDs in the store: check a box to remove the jewel case, and if you’re overseas this could save you a couple dollars or more on shipping.

You don’t have to create an account to use the new store, though you can if you want to track your order status.  If you choose to order as a guest, all you need is PayPal and you’ll be on your way.

One other piece of recent news is that we’ve signed Chilean thrash maniacs Ripper for the release of their upcoming 2nd album, which they aim to start recording this year.  Go visit them on Facebook.